Legalization of Documents in UAE

Legalization of Documents in UAE

Legalization is the execution of a set sequence of procedures to give a document legal force and make it functional on the territory of the other state.

ELTS provide legal translation of documents issued by embassies and consulates of your country of origin, and by the governmental authorities of the UAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Education, Health and other official authorities).

Which type of translation do you require?

Elite Legal Translation Services provides attestation and legalization of all types of documents:

  • Power of attorneys
  • Formal applications, issued outside the UAE;
  • School and college certificates,
  • Marriage contracts,
  • No marriage record certificates,
  • Birth certificates and
  • Death certificates

Requirements as per the Ministry of Justice

The basic requirements that we need in order to proceed with translating your documents and ensure the accuracy of the translation are: Embassy Stamp from your country of origin and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Stamp.

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