Stages Involved in Translation Process

Over the years, we've established the most effective workflow for managing translation projects.

This involved three major phases:

Phase I: Preparation
  1. Going fast through the document to assess the size, degree of technicality, time needed to translate/edit and the cost.
  2. Setting the delivery deadline.
  3. Selecting the translator/editor most competent to do the translation/editing
  4. Entering into the Elite System.
Phase II: Execution
  1. Starting with the translation by the translator selected.
  2. Referring the translation to the checker/editor to review and revise the draft document.
  3. Coordinating the document according to the client’s instructions in terms of page set-up, font size, type and incorporating any figures, tables, etc. to the satisfaction of the client.
Phase III: Completion
  1. Contacting the client to inform them of the completion of the work.
  2. Handing over the completed version by e-mail, by hand or courier.